Current Project

Producer Jayne Ackley Lynch first became aware of the musical version of the Thomas Hardy novel in 2004, while performing in a production of it in NYMF. She fell in love with the sumptuous score and book by Gary Schocker and Barbara Campbell. Eight years later, having kept in contact with them, Jayne decided that the show deserved a commercial production and was determined to see that happen. Formal readings were done in the Fall of 2014 in NYC and she is now in the process of selecting a Broadway director to move forward with the show. " I have loved this story ever since I first saw the 1967 John Schlesinger film, starring Julie Christie, Alan Bates,Terence Stamp, and Peter Finch. There are many reasons I relate to this piece. First, it is a story that revolves around a strong, complex young woman making her way in the world by herself, running a farm at a time when women's options were limited to marriage or servitude. Second, it is a story rich in complexity of characters endowed with both nobility and defects, a story of love, obsession, greed and ultimately happiness. Third, the musical score is simply exquisite!!" Jayne Ackley Lynch